The president of the United States hires fixer Peter Rena to vet his nominee for the Supreme Court, but while Rena investigates every aspect of Judge Roland Madison's background, he discovers that the judge could be the next target in a series of killings. - (Baker & Taylor)

Hired by the President to vet a nominee for the Supreme Court, fixer Peter Rena and his partner, Randi Brooks, scour the candidate's past and outmaneuver ambitious adversaries, only to discover that a killer is murdering random victims to cover up an assassination plot. A first novel. 40,000 first printing. - (Baker & Taylor)

<p><strong>A polished and gripping political debut that Michael Connelly calls &#8220;an edge of your seat thriller,&#8221; Shining City is set in DC amid a harrowing Supreme Court nomination fight.</strong></p><p><strong>&#8220;Amazing. . . . Pulses with momentum. . . . A debut that will be remembered for years.&#8221; &#8212;Michael Connelly</strong></p><p>Peter Rena is a &#8220;fixer.&#8221; He and his partner, Randi Brooks, earn their living making the problems of the powerful disappear. They get their biggest job yet when the White House hires them to vet the president&#8217;s nominee for the Supreme Court. Judge Roland Madison is a legal giant, but he&#8217;s a political maverick, with views that might make the already tricky confirmation process even more difficult. Rena and his team go full-bore to cover every inch of the judge&#8217;s past, while the competing factions of Washington D.C. mobilize with frightening intensity: ambitious senators, garrulous journalists, and wily power players on both sides of the aisle.<br/><br/></p><p>All of that becomes background when a string of seemingly random killings overlaps with Rena&#8217;s investigation, with Judge Madison a possible target. Racing against the clock to keep his nominee safe, the President satisfied, and the political wolves at bay, Rena learns just how dangerous Washington&#8217;s obsession with power&#8212;how to get it and how to keep it&#8212;can be.<br/><br/>Written with razor-sharp political insight and heart-pounding action,&#160;<em>Shining City</em>&#160;is a hugely impressive debut that announces a major new talent.</p><p>&#160;</p> - (HARPERCOLL)