Discovering Cow fast asleep in his sty, a tired Pig nudges the intruder back to her own bed, where Hen is found sleeping, in a giggle-inducing story featuring an out-of-place chain reaction of snoozing barnyard friends. By the award-winning author of <IT>Oh, No!<RO> Simultaneous eBook. - (Baker & Taylor)

<b>From bestselling, award-winning author Fleming and beloved illustrator of the Maple books Nichols comes a giggle-inducing read-aloud starring a cast of comically grumpy barnyard animals. Sure to become a bedtime favorite. </b><br> <b>&#160;</b><br> This funny and irresistible picture book feels like a classic in the making. When Pig plops into his sty at bedtime, he finds Cow fast asleep in his spot. "Go sleep in your own bed!" he squeals, and sends her packing. But when Cow finally snuggles down into her stall, she finds Hen sleeping there. So begins a chain reaction of snoozing barnyard animals being awakened and sent off to their own beds, until every last one is in just the right place. Young children will delight in repeating the refrain "Go sleep in your own bed!" and laugh at the antics of these hilarious&mdash;and very sleepy&mdash;farm animals.<br> &#160;<br> <u>Praise for <i>Oh, No!</i> by Candace Fleming:</u><br> *"Reads like an instant classic. <b>Oh, yes! This is a terrific new picture book</b>." &mdash;<i>Kirkus Reviews,</i> Starred<br> &#160;<br> *"<b>It's a book with the feel of an old classic</b>&mdash;and it may well become one." &mdash;<i>Publishers Weekly,</i> Starred<br> &#160;<br> <b>"A winner for 3- and 4-year-olds."</b> &mdash;<i>The New York Times</i><br> <i>&#160;</i><br> <u>Praise for the Maple series by Lori Nichols: </u><br> *&ldquo;<b>Readers will fall in love with Maple.</b>&rdquo; &mdash;<i>School Library Journal</i>, Starred <br> &#160;<br> &ldquo;<b>Utterly charming.&rdquo;</b> &mdash;<i>The New York Times</i> - (Random House, Inc.)