"Billie is a beautiful Berkeley mom with a radical past--a teenage runaway from Northern California who took up with a group of environmental activists wanted by the FBI, lived dangerously, but when she meets Jonathan, a tech magazine editor and all around good guy, she settles easily into the life of an eco-conscious, stay-at-home suburban yoga mom. Their daughter Olive, under her mother's watchful gaze, becomes a lovely, introverted, slightly eccentric girl. As she reaches adolescence and needs Billie's full-time attention less, Billie throws herself into extreme sports--marathons, scuba diving, rock climbs, solo hikes. On one of these expeditions, Billie vanishes from the trail--only a hiking boot is found. The family is devastated--a year of intense mourning passes in which they await the closure that a body and a death certificate will bring. Jonathan drinks; Olive grows remote. But then she starts having waking dreams--hallucinations?--in which her very vibrant mother urges the girl to look for her, and Olive begins to believe her mother is still alive and in trouble. Jonathan believes the trauma and anxiety of losing her mother is making Olive ill, until he uncovers a secret that that compels him to consider that Billie may not be dead after all and sends him on his own quest for the truth--about Billie, their marriage, and the things people do in the name of love.."-- - (Baker & Taylor)

When a woman goes missing during a hike in California's Desolation Wilderness, her devastated family is forced to come to terms with her secretive nature. By the best-selling author of <IT>All We Ever Wanted Was Everything<RO>. - (Baker & Taylor)

"A beautiful Berkeley mom with a radical past vanishes while hiking, leaving her family to piece together her secrets, in this keenly observed novel for readers of Emma Straub and Maria Semple--from the bestselling author ofAll We Ever Wanted Was Everything"-- - (Baker & Taylor)

When a Berkeley mother with a radical past goes missing during a hike in California's Desolation Wilderness, her devastated family is forced to come to terms with her secretive nature. - (Baker & Taylor)

<b>The disappearance of a beautiful, charismatic mother leaves her family to piece together her secrets in this propulsive novel for fans of <i>Big Little Lies</i>&mdash;from the bestselling author of <i>All We Ever Wanted Was Everything</i>.</b><br><br> <b>&ldquo;Tantalizing and twisty . . . a spider&rsquo;s web of a novel . . . You won&rsquo;t be able to put it down.&rdquo;&mdash;Megan Abbott</b><br><br> <i>Who you want people to be makes you blind to who they really are.</i><br><br> It&rsquo;s been a year since Billie Flanagan&mdash;a Berkeley mom with an enviable life&mdash;went on a solo hike in Desolation Wilderness and vanished from the trail. Her body was never found, just a shattered cellphone and a solitary hiking boot. Her husband and teenage daughter have been coping with Billie&rsquo;s death the best they can: Jonathan drinks as he works on a loving memoir about his marriage; Olive grows remote, from both her father and her friends at the all-girls school she attends.<br><br> But then Olive starts having strange visions of her mother, still alive. Jonathan worries about Olive&rsquo;s emotional stability, until he starts unearthing secrets from Billie&rsquo;s past that bring into question everything he thought he understood about his wife. Who <i>was</i> the woman he knew as Billie Flanagan?<br><br> Together, Olive and Jonathan embark on a quest for the truth&mdash;about Billie, but also about themselves, learning, in the process, about all the ways that love can distort what we choose to see. Janelle Brown&rsquo;s insights into the dynamics of intimate relationships will make you question the stories you tell yourself about the people you love, while her nervy storytelling will keep you guessing until the very last page.<br><br> <b>Praise for <i>Watch Me Disappear</i></b><br><br>&ldquo;Clever and compelling, this ricocheting tale reveals that, even in the closest families, how little we know of the ones we love, and how our own secrets are often the hardest to bear, can cost us dearly in the end.&rdquo;<b>&mdash;Lisa Gardner, author of <i>Right Behind You</i></b><br><br> &ldquo;A riveting, seductive read about the secret, protected places within even the most intimate relationships . . . Janelle Brown has written a novel that provokes thought as her story twists and turns. I loved it.&rdquo;<b>&mdash;Sara Gruen, #1 <i>New York Times</i> bestselling author of <i>Water for Elephants</i></b><br><br> &ldquo;<i>Watch Me Disappear</i> is at once a riveting page-turner and a thoughtful meditation on what it means to know other people&mdash;and ourselves.&rdquo;<b>&mdash;Edan Lepucki, <i>New York Times</i> bestselling author of<i>&#160;California</i></b><br><br> &ldquo;I devoured <i>Watch Me Disappear</i> in one sitting. In this poignant and captivating story of a missing woman and the family she left behind, Brown deftly peels away the layers of a loving marriage to reveal a haunting mystery and a devastating truth: that no matter how much you love someone, you can never truly know them.&rdquo;<b>&mdash;Laura McHugh, author of <i>The Weight of Blood<br></i></b><br>&ldquo;The real magic of <i>Watch Me Disappear</i> is Brown&rsquo;s gift for evoking familial love in all its mad permutations&mdash;and the more intensely for the high stakes of what has been taken, and what is yet to be found. This is a story you simply don&rsquo;t want to end&mdash;but then, lord, what an ending!&rdquo;<b>&mdash;Tim Johnston, author of <i>Descent</i></b> - (Random House, Inc.)