Never saw the ending coming
This was a quick read. I had already decided how it would end, but never saw the twist coming. Loved the detail, the Salem setting. If you have been there, you will enjoy the descriptions of the the area. 400 years of history can't be boring.

Lace Reader
Much of this book was slow but it had a great thought-provoking ending.

PRR Suggestion
Having left her hometown of Salem, Massachusetts fifteen years ago under troubling circumstances, psychic Towner Whitney reluctantly returns after her eighty-five-year-old great-aunt Eva suddenly disappears. The family has a history of being "lace-readers" with the ability to see the future in the patterns of lace. Explores the dark inner worlds and troubling legacy an abusive man left an entire extended family.

4 Stars
Absorbing tale of Towner Whitney, who grew up reading lace in Salem MA. She comes back because her aunt Eva is missing. The characters are interesting and complex and the story flows so well.

5 Stars
Towner(Sophya) Whitney comes from a heritage of lace readers. The women in the family not only make the lace but can a read a persons history/future in it. There is mystery, a little metaphysical & lots of page turning surprises. A definite read to the end.