An Evergreen Library favorite!
Told in flashbacks from Nicky’s point of view when she & her father find an abandoned infant in the snow and rescue it. It made a good discussion. - KL

A "Fortunate" Read
I believe this book to be one of Anita Shreve's best! The diction is lovely and the characters are rich and deep. She speaks to a passion that transcends the social mores of the day, while deftly touching on the ramifications of acting purely out of selfish motivation. The choices made in this novel and the consequences to all involved had me completely absorbed start to finish! I would--and will--read this gem again.

Not great, but not that bad either
I think I'm one of the ones in the minority here. I had a difficult time getting into the book at first -- perhaps if Olympia had been a couple of years older at least. A 40+ year old man and a 15 year old girl. Eew. That said, I just didn't see any real chemistry between the two, outside of the sexual attraction for this lifelong, supposed great love. I almost gave up when they started writing those long letters to each other, then it picked up around page 200 into her exile and attempt to regain her son. The writing style was a little different than most I've seen, an unusual tense to take, but the prose was pleasant and lyrical. Nothing that had me so taken with the book that I lost sleep over, but I didn't end up throwing it against the wall either.