All humans ponder their fate after death. In Gabrielle Zevin's fresh and invigorating novel, the afterlife has a much more different outlook than most expect. For the open-minded reader, I found this book quite original and worth my time. Incorporating both metaphysical and tangible outlooks, this book will be a great read, even the second time.

My new favorite book
I love this book! I totally changed my view on the value of life. It also is such an interesting take on what happens after we die. There's love, sadness, humor, and it's just a perfect book.

Voices From Beyond
What if you died in a car crash and went to a place where people age backwards until they get Released back on Earth as new babies? What if you''ve never had a chance to do normal grown-up things like date and have a driver''s license? Meet Liz, 15, dead, and resenting her afterlife in Elsewhere. Beautifully conceived, charming, full of surprises.

An Evergreen Library favorite!
The tone is hopeful and the prose realistic and beautiful. In this unique vision of the afterlife, the recently deceased find themselves aboard the SS Nile, bound for "Elsewhere." A gem of a read. - KL

I had took this book out and left it lying down on my shelf for a week or more until I finally decided to read it. That was the most wisest choice I had made recently. This book is absolutely profound, and I personally could not put it down! Elsewhere makes the reader feel so many emotions and you feel like you are actually in the story in some parts. The author is able to creatively interest the reader and keep them coming back for more. Best book I've read in ages, hands down. I would recommend Elsewhere to anybody who's looking for a very emotional book to read!