Very good start to a very good series--unusual take-off on magic and a good/well thought out strong female lead.

Great book, I can not wait to read the next one!!

Out Of My Element
Not usually a huge fan of fantasy books, I read Mistborn on a recommendation and was surprised to see how quickly I became invested in the story. With such a complex and different world, I was expecting to be consistently confused but instead found it easy to latch onto the rules and customs of the society and, in fact, grew attached to it. The nature of allomancy, the powers that the book revolves around, was extremely interesting and the characters that wielded its power were thoroughly engaging. Every character, even the villain, had the ability to capture my attention and I found myself constantly rooting for the group of doomed rebels from the start of the story. Finally, the story truly did have something for everyone - with what seemed to be an equal balance of action, politics, romance, and friendship. As someone who doesn't usually read fantasy, I was surprised and happy to find the emphasis that was placed on developing the main character, Vin, as not only a warrior, but a friend and team member as well. Overall, I would definitely recommend this novel, to fantasy lovers and those just getting into the genre as well.

I really enjoyed this book. The development of the characters is great, I loved the magic system and the world creation was detailed and believable. I would highly recommend this book

Mistborn: The Final Empire
An excellent read. An imaginative epic fantasy, with great characters, and tremendous plot. I've read some of Sanderson's other work, and he's rapidly becoming one of my favorite authors. This is the first, of the four book series, "Mistborn", and if the other three are as good as this, it appears to be one the the great epic fantasies of all time.