his memoir is amazing. I won't say much, but what I will say is that this book stays with you after you finish it. His words are cemented in your mind not just because he's a fantastic writer but also because his message to us, to his family, is so important. Even though I read the borrowed the book, I plan to buy it soon because it's a type of prose you should own to remind you what is important when you begin to take your life, yourself, and others for granted. It's a shame the author passed away at such a young age. His medical contributions appear significant but his future as a write would've have been a great one as well. It's such a shame we won't be able to get more of him. Do yourself a favor and read this book. I promise you won't regret it

When Breath Becomes Air
Unforgettable is what Verghese says in his foreword. I agree and am fighting for my own breath to write my thoughts about this stunning memoir that has left me gasping for air. The writing. The emotion. The beauty in the darkness of dying. I mourn the death of this writer, a surgeon of great potential. A doctor of great compassion. But the message he has left us is quite eloquently simple: make life as meaningful as you can in the time you have. Be grateful. The touching epilogue his wife Lucy wrote. My tears runneth over. 5?? - have upped this. This one will stay with me for a long while.

When Breath Becomes Air
Stunning autobiography of a neurosurgeon who died of cancer. A beautifully written story by a wonderful husband and father with a moving last chapter by his wife.

A truly enlightening read
The potential society lost when Dr. Kalanithi is perhaps the saddest outcome of this well written book. The doctor is amazing at both coming to his own personal understanding of inevitableness of death and how we deal with it. Written from the dual perspective of both a highly regarded neurosurgeon/neuroscientist and as a patient with rare terminal cancer. The reader knows the outcome, but is still shocked when it happens. You are striding with him through his triumphs and tribulations. Getting to know him and his perspectives and relational dealings with family, friends and colleagues. While his loss is sad, the motivation to "try" to be selfless, compassionate and understanding in all that we do is truly sown into the fabric of how we define ourselves, if one is open to his subtle direction. I highly recommend this book. You'll be glad to have read it.