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The boys
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Unable to share a secret with his wife that has haunted him since childhood, introverted Ethan Fawcett, when the foster boys she brings home drive a wedge in their relationship, must find a way to repair their marriage and learn the true meaning of family. 20,000 first printing. - (Baker & Taylor)

“Hafner’s taut and utterly delightful debut is a novel of multitudes…. What a wonder of storytelling.”–Weike Wang, New York Times

New York Times Editors’ Pick  |  Most Anticipated | GMA Summer Reads

A delicious summer read filled with humor and surprise for readers of Anne Tyler and Kevin Wilson.

When introverted Ethan Fawcett marries gregarious Barb, he has every reason to believe he will be delivered from a lifetime of solitude. She fills his world with a sense of adventure, expanding his horizons beyond his comfortable routine. To ease Ethan’s fears of becoming a father, Barb suggests they foster two young brothers, Tommy and Sam, and Ethan immediately falls in love with the boys.

When the pandemic hits, he becomes obsessed with providing a perfect life for them. Instead of bringing Barb and Ethan closer together, however, the boys become a wedge in the couple's relationship, as Ethan is unable to share with Barb a secret that has been haunting him since childhood.  But it's not until Ethan takes Tommy and Sam on a biking trip in Italy, and it becomes clear just how unusual Ethan and his boys are.

- (Lightning Source, Inc. Ebooks)

Author Biography

Katie Hafner is a journalist and author who writes frequently forThe New York Times and The Washington Post.  She is the author of six non-fiction books including Mother Daughter Me, a memoir; A Romance on Three Legs: Glenn Gould's Obsessive Quest for the Perfect Piano; Where Wizards Stay Up Late: The Origins of the Internet (with Matthew Lyon). She is host and co-executive producer of the popular podcast, Lost Women of Science. The Boys is her first novel. She lives in San Francisco. - (Lightning Source, Inc. Ebooks)

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