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The Hunt A Decker/Lazarus Novel
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Detective Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus return to Los Angeles when a kidnapping hits close to home—in this breathtaking new thriller from New York Times bestselling author Faye Kellerman.

Peter and his partner, Detective Tyler McAdams, are thrown into an unsolved case and propelled into action when a body is found in the very woods where a man previously went missing in upstate New York.

But that’s not the only crisis that Peter has to deal with.

Teresa McLaughlin, the biological mother of Peter and his wife Rina’s foster son, Gabe, has fled to Los Angeles with her two children in tow, hoping to avoid a court injunction amid a messy divorce. But LA is no escape from her problems—she is found by ruthless men and beaten mercilessly. When she wakes, barely conscious, Teresa discovers that both of her children are gone and frantically calls Gabe for help.

With his mother on the verge of death, Gabe contacts Peter and Rina, as well as his biological father, the notorious Christopher Donatti, a former hit man from a known criminal family who’s now a millionaire in Nevada. By bringing Donatti into the fray, Gabe, Peter, and Rina know they have made a deal with the devil—but they may not be able to recover the kids without him.

As these unlikely allies rally to find the kidnappers before things end tragically, they race headlong toward an explosive confrontation from which no one will emerge unscathed...


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Publishers Weekly Reviews

Brothel owner Christopher Donatti, a self-described psychopath, takes center stage in bestseller Kellerman's disturbing 27th novel featuring Peter Decker, a police detective in Greenbury, N.Y., and his wife, Rina Lazarus, whose interests include cooking, gardening, and religion (after 2021's The Lost Boys). Donatti's ex-wife, Terry, who's the biological mother of Decker and Rina's foster son, has fled to L.A. from India with her two young children, Sanjay and Juleen, fearing reprisals from her current husband. Indeed, two goons arrive at the apartment where they're staying, kidnap Sanjay, and beat Terry to within an inch of her life. Juleen manages to escape. Who can save Terry and the kids? Only Donatti and his small platoon of henchmen. Meanwhile, Decker and Rina, after returning from a vacation in Israel, are immediately swept up in the case of Pauline Corbett, whose body has been found in the woods near Greenbury. Decker is certain that Corbett's death is related to an unsolved missing persons' case. Readers should be prepared for traumatic scenes of rape, sodomy, and misogyny. This one's for hardcore fans only. (Aug.)

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